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July 18, 2016
Why It's Great to be a Lawyer

People often hear negative things about being a lawyer.  The number of people going to law school has increased, and that makes it difficult to find employment  after they graduate. And often, the jobs are not the high-paid positions students desire. But among these depressing thoughts, there are some really good reasons to be a lawyer.


Mental Challenge

I consider this to be, by far, the best reason to become an attorney! You are always facing new challenges.  Even if you’ve had a similar case before, you’ve never had the exact same case. Even if you’ve written many contracts before, there’s still differences in everyone’s circumstances, which need to be considered when drafting a new contract. Either you tend to be a general practitioner, and therefore must know at least a little about a lot of areas of the law, or you specialize and must keep up with developments and develop expertise.

The Jokes

Need I say more?

Your Reason for Becoming an Attorney

Now, with a lot of law students, that may mean money. Becoming a lawyer doesn't guarantee high income. It depends a great deal on what kind of law you're practicing. It also doesn't take into account student loan debt. It also doesn't take into account that even with a high salary, the looonnnngggg hours might mean that your hourly rate works out to less than minimum wage! But, usually, lawyers make a decent income.

On the other hand, a student's reason for going to law school might be a dream of using the law to help someone, whether that's a pro-life organization or animal rights activists. Completing that degree and passing a bar exam puts those students on a path to fulfilling that dream. It may not happen right away and it may not make them the most highly-paid attorneys around, but using your knowledge to help those you support is a fabulous reason to become an attorney!



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