The Story of Homeschool Court:
The Best of Both Worlds

I graduated from Drake University, in Des Moines, Iowa with a law degree and a Master’s degree in Journalism, and moved back home to Maryland.  Several years later, my husband and I married, moved to Pennsylvania and I worked as a lawyer.  Our first son was born.  I continued working, but although I had an interesting, challenging job, I longed to be at home.  That dream came true right before our second son was born!  Our older son was almost three years old, and in pretty short order I met a homeschool family and felt God’s leading to homeschool when my children were older.  Thankfully, God led my husband to the same conclusion a year or so later!  I attended my first homeschool convention (CHAP in Harrisburg, PA) with my infant and 3-year-old and have loved homeschool conventions ever since!  More importantly, I have loved being with my children as they grew and learned.

I am licensed to practice law in Maryland and Pennsylvania, but my licenses are now inactive due to full-time homeschooling.  I love writing, too!  Prior to law school, I was a journalist at two trade magazines, and I have written a couple of articles about homeschooling in recent years.

When my older son was in third grade and expressed curiosity about what I used to do, I decided to set up a mock trial for him and other like-minded kids…and it was such fun!  I began to offer classes every year or so, and continued to refine what I taught.  The students would learn about the judicial system in-depth—always ending the course with a mock trial!  Soon, word spread, and I was receiving questions about whether I could offer the class hours away from home, in western Pennsylvania or southern Maryland, for example.  Unfortunately, my busy homeschool schedule just didn’t allow for that—especially as we got closer and closer to the high school years! 

One day it dawned on me—if I could write down what I taught and give pointers about how to set up a mock trial, really, anyone could teach this same class wherever they are, and it wouldn’t depend on my availability or schedule.  That is how Homeschool Court was born.  I pray that the curriculum will be a blessing to you and your family or co-op/group, and that it will glorify the Lord at all times.