Our Faith

Robert and Deborah were both saved as adults.  Growing up, Debbie heard of people being born again and thought that it was funny.  But my parents took me to Sunday school, church, VBS and youth group, and so I learned at an early age the truths about Jesus, the Bible and the cross.  But as I grew up, these truths had very little impact on my daily life and I drifted away.

But God didn't go anywhere.  He sent people into my life with the message that it is possible to be forgiven and have a personal relationship with Jesus-to have your life totally changed.  And finally, I accepted that free gift.  God has given me a life I never knew I wanted...and one I would never give up for anything!

The happiest moments in our family have been when our sons, Austin and David, also accepted this gift.  We look forward to seeing them growing as Godly young men and becoming spiritual leaders in their own homes one day, and cherish the thought of the legacy through the generations these simple, but crucial, decisions will provide.

Would you like to accept this free gift?  It would be our privilege to talk to you about this life-changing decision, pray with you, and follow up with resources to help you in the Christian life.  Just click the link below.

If you would like the assurance that you are saved, read this prayer and see if it says what you want to say to God: "Dear God, I know that Jesus is Your Son, and that He died on the cross and was raised from the dead.  I know I have sinned and need forgiveness.  I am willing to turn from my sins and receive Jesus as my Savior and Lord.  Thank You for saving me.  In Jesus' name.  Amen."  If you have called on the Lord in repentance, faith and surrender, Jesus will become your Savior and Lord-we want to rejoice with you in this most important decision in your life!


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