About Us

We are a Christian homeschooling family.† Robert works full-time as a civilian in the U.S. Army, and part-time as a Sergeant Major†with the U.S. Army Reserve.†† We met at Drake University, where Deborah (Debbie) earned a J.D. and Masterís in Journalism, while Robert earned a Masterís in Public Administration.†

Debbie worked for ten years in a risk management/legal counsel position for two health systems, before staying home full-time with our two sons.† I was able to practice in a variety of legal areas.† While licensed to practice law in two states, my licenses are currently inactive due to full-time homeschooling.† Occasionally, I teach local Homeschool Court classes.† Prior to law school, I wrote for and edited two trade magazines.† My undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Journalism.† I have written freelance articles for The Old Schoolhouse and the CHAP (Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania) newsletter.

I am also the mock trial teacher for SchoolhouseTeacher.com (TOS) and provide weekly lesson plans for middle and high school students.

†As a family, we are very involved in our church, Friendship Baptist Church†(Stewartstown, PA), http://www.friendshipsbc.com/. †Robert is the Chairman of the Deacons, the Awana Commander and Journey Leader, and the teacher of an adult Sunday school class.† Debbie is the Awana Secretary/Truth and Training Leader.† David will be in the Journey program this year, and just received his Meritorious Award.†† Austin and David†lead and†serve in our church's Bible camp and Awana.† We are fortunate to be part of a warm, loving, Biblically-sound church family.

As a family, we love to discuss the Bible, politics and current events.† Thankfully, homeschooling gives us plenty of time for all sorts of discussions, whether at home or in the car.† We also enjoy outside activities like hiking, camping, rock climbing, roller skating, and going to York Revolution baseball games.

Austin's free time is spent reading comics and keeping up with political news and history.††He graduated from high school in May!† He took college classes during high school, and will be attending Lancaster Bible College starting in August 2016. He will major in Business Administration.

David also enjoys comics--his favorite is Captain America.† He is in 10th grade†this year and doing well adjusting to the increased workload.† He loves to play Minecraft and Roblox, and has starting coding and scripting and has players interested in his games.† He loves math and science, and is always energetic, friendly and generous.

We have close family members who live in Maryland, Iowa, Virginia, Indiana, Florida, West Virginia†and†Colorado and are very dear to us.